Clown Goby


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Hi I'm new to the board and have a question about the clown goby. I have a 95 gallon tank and love the clown gobies, but have been told very negative things about them. Could I get a few peoples advice about them please!!!


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I've read that they don't get fed properly in large tanks. I keep one in my 5.5g tank and it is a VERY shy fish, and it's in there by itself.


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If you have any intentions of keeping sps corals, do not get one. Other than that, an awesome, cute, fun little fish. They can be kept in pairs, and will perch on corals & in crevices. Feed frozen mysis, and such meaty foods.


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do well with docile tankmates (other docile gobies, cardinals, firefish ect). Kind of hard to acclimate with active fish. before they get settled they will get outcompeted for food which is just what they usually dont need coming into captivity. Initially finicky about eating prepared food. One of those fish that should be introduced before most others so they get a head start feeding properly. Once past that they are easy. if intimidated by tankmates you'll never see em (hide in corals). if not itimidated they stay perched out in the open all day. Just about need corals to perch in to be comfortable. Will damage the tissue of acrobora to nest in, fine with most other corals.