Clown Tang at LFS

LFS had a beautiful Clown Tang for $24, about 6 inches long. Almost broke my heart to see him there. If I had a bigger tank I would have bought him, just to give him a fighting chance, even though I have heard that their survival rate is low. He was not shy at all, constantly swimming by the glass.
Too bad, but if I bought it, they would just get more to replace it I'm sure. Can't save them all I guess.
Just wanted to share.


i was just at ***** getting a seaweed clip and they had a clown tang there...poor thing is probably doomed...he was only 17 bucks! i just bought a blue tang the other day from the "good" fish store here in town, otherwise i would have tried my hand at the clown tang....they are so beautiful....a blue and clown would not be compatible, correct????


Thats so sad. However clown tangs alomst require expert care and petc* has no business selling these.


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yeah i dont agree with some of the fish ***** sells.
saw an angler fish at the ***** here today