Clownfish eating brain!?


I have a black snowflake premium Ora clown that seem to pick at my brain coral what can it be do I take him out or what do I do in concerned


I owned a clown once that ate, yes ATE any LPS or zoanthids that I had in my tank. I had to keep it in an SPS only tank.

You can try increasing feedings, but most of the time they just do it out of habit and because it's "fun" and won't stop


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I'd maybe try increasing the frequency of the actual meaty food. Perhaps you can try your pellets in the morning and the mysid in the evening and see if that helps. How's the coral doing?


Do you have any corals? Or ever buy used live rock (still wet and alive)? Copepods will multiply like crazy, most very beneficial to your water column and some can be parasitic, they love to hichike. Look very closely and pay attention to a rock, if your water has good parameters and have been you should spot some.