Clownfish hosting other coral??? ASAP PLZ

pappa d

well, since i'm still not sure if i'm going to do an anemone(at least right now) i wanted to know if my two new clowns will host to any other corals that i could get? any mushrooms, leather, etc. (SWF is out of frogspawns and torch is too much for me right now) So please throw out some suggestions because i plan to make my order later today!!! What does your clown host to?


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They'll host anything. Mine has gone through a BTA,torch coral, leather to an open brain all in the last year.


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FYI: It is much better for your tank if your clowns host with an anemone. In reality, clowns can damage corals depending on how aggressive they are (even the frogspawn). And once they host with an anemone, in my experience, they will follow it wherever it goes, even if you introduce a new anemone to the tank.


We as hobbiests have learned how to raise and propogate corals quite successfully. Even 20 years ago, as a group we weren't providing for most corals well enough to keep them alive with much success. Fragging was almost unheard of. Gratz on those researchers that have brought us this success. Unfortunately we cannot say the same about anemones.
Someday we will get there, I am sure. For now, give it a coral. Most clowns will take just about anything as a host. I have people locally to me that have clowns living in Zoo Colonies. True Perculas are about the least likely to get stung by something from information that I have read. I have a pair of false Percs. I plan to provide a frogspawn, bubble, or mushroom for them to have. I know that I can keep both of these species alive for quite some time barring unforseen accidents. I know an anemone may make it a couple years if I am lucky (and the vast majority of the time, we are not). Personnally, I am not going to enter that never ending money pit of supplying anemones.