clownfish questions please share your opions!


Hi folks!
i have been looking into getting acouple clown fish ideally i would like to find a mated pair of tomato clowns but my question is can i just buy a female then try to find a male and put them into the tank together? would they eventually grow to love eachother? i know you cant just through fish in together and hope for the best . thats why i am asking for opions on how to go about getting a mated pair of clowns.
thank you all for any thoughts you may have!


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Either purchase a mated pair or purchase two juveniles and let one develope into the female (the more dominate one will transform into a female after time).


i bought a pair of tomatos they are great with each other & the anemone i got them, but have became very aggressive they have killed a goby & a cardinal. just thought id warn u


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I have had several experiences trying to match clowns together. I had put two small clowns in with a couple of Blue Devil Damsels. They Blue Devils scared them to death. Then I got two big clown fish to put in with the two blue devil damsels. The blue devils ignored the percula clowns but one of the clowns became dominant and basically scared the other one to death. He was relentless. Then I put a small Cinnamon in with the clown that killed the other clown. They basically ignored each other. Different shaped clowns. Then I put a big cinnamon in with those two, and that one became the dominant and the Cinnamon almost killed the perc before I removed her. I put the perc in a separate tank and then put a baby

perc in with the fullsized perc. They got along great. Morale of the story is if you are going to put two clowns together make sure they are the same kind, and make sure one is bigger than the other. That way they don't battle to the death to determine dominance. All clowns start out at males, and one you put them together the dominant one will be the biggest and she will turn into the female. The next biggest will be her mate. If you have any other ones, they will be smaller and subordinate to these other two and will be picked on.


thanks guys! it was the info i was looking for! i am still in debate on which clowns i am going to go with but will get one bigger one and a smaller one. thanks again!


this may be pointless to add but try to introduce the clowns at the same time to the tank if possible to avoid one becoming territorial before adding the other.