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Ok, the title is more or less just a joke, but I am interested in how many people are having good luck in the hobby. I would like to read posts of tanks that have been running without any deaths (other than old age). I would like to boast that in about 6 months I haven't lost one critter (not even a hermit crab) *knocks on wood*.
I would like to continue my impressive streak but in order to do so, constant research is necessary. Please join the club of perfection (COP lol) and tell us your secrets. Share any tidbits of your maintainance habits and why you think you have such a healthy tank.
Your information can include water parameters, test kits, water changing procedures, salt mix brand name, method of mixing saltwater, lighting, filtration, water movement, substrate, cleaning crew, powerheads, heaters, sump info, fuge info, etc.
Long story short, if you have a healthy tank, please share why you think so.

who dey

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not gonna jinx myself but in reference to this thread all i can say is :cheer:
:jumping: :happy:


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I will start with a tip:
1. I don't clean the algae off of my hob filters. All four inlets have thick mats of algae (as thick as a carpet) that the water must flow over before it gets into the tank. I think this contributes greatly to keeping my nitrates at zero.


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For my 10 gallon ... enough LR and LS, Weekly water changes, good mechanical filtration, and running carbon 24/7. :D
And of course .... ALOT
of TLC.


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Originally Posted by MonaLisa
hmmm...just lost a snail, guess that counts me out.
Lisa :happyfish
Ahhh ... what the heck .. we'll give you one more chance! :rolleyes:


damn chromis knocked me out of the club........... Down to 2, but they seem to like each other, even though it is an even number. I know my mistake..... IMPATIENCE!!


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Tank up ten weeks.
Various clean up critters, all healthy.
1 Black Capped Goby
1 Lawnmower Blenny
1 6 line Wrasse
1 Bicolor Blenny
3 Engineer Gobies
4 Blue Green Chromis
1 Cleaner Shrimp
2 Peppermint Shrimp
1 Pistol Shrimp
Tank is going great (although I am getting a tad bit of cyano growth. Adding another skimmer)
I contribute the success so far to doing a lot of reading good books and a lot of browsing and question asking here. When I tried this hobby 15 years ago I just asked questions at the LFS and foolishly trusted them...... gave up in frustration after a little over a year of killing things


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Ive lost 3 fish/quite a few critters and corals...
BUT i've also aquacultured said lost corals so essentially i lost nothing. I've also saved corals from death at the lfs. I.E. one bleached brain and one bubbleless bubble. Both are very healthy now.


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In nearly 2 years I have lost a jawfish to an anemone sting (didn't do my research) and had a clownfish commit suicide by jumping. Other than a few snails dying of old age, that is pretty much it.
Regular water changes, adequate lighting, and a good protien skimmer are my only not-so-secret secrets.


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FWIW I think sometimes losses of animals may be more meaningful than keeping something without loss. Because that is where you are often motivated to really learn what you've done wrong, so long as you accept you've probably done something wrong. :) I like to hear from both sides!
I killed a number of damsels and others when I first started my 10g with white aquarium gravel and undergravel filter some years back :) Learned about cycling a tank, aggression and territoriality, the imporance of acclimation for animals (especially seastars, brittlestars), etc.


I lost a copperband but he was a new addition. Other than that, I haven't lost anything in at least 6 months. Kinda wish some things would die, but I guess I'm stuck with some things cause I didn't research enough. (anemone)


Lost a fathead anthia to an overly agressive pseudochromis (no - not a diadema) :)
So I guess I'm not in COP>..


Oooo...Can I join? I have not killed anything!!
Of course I don't have any live stock yet....Does that matter?? :D


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I have lost some stuff but it really wasnt my fault "water wise anyway" I have lost 7 turbo snails "they fall were you cant reach them unless you pull down the entire rockwork", 1 arrow crab he molted and something got to him, 2 sally lightfoot "they just simply disapeared", 1 pep shrimp same thing happend as the arrow crab he was molting and me hermit had him I got the hermit off him then my sally light foot got him. And of course the flame scallop that died due to shipping.
Everything els seems to be great.
I guess my point is watch out for thoughs sally lightfoot lol.


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Actually losing turbo snails is technically our fault as aquarists. They don't really belong in our tanks, so when they die due to "unnatural habitat" I think we have to take responsibility for it.


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I have 3 that are still going they are always on the glass and havent fallin yet "knock on wood!"