planning on settting up a new 150 gallon tank heres the proposed stocklist
2 blue hippo tang
2 firefish gobies
2 engineer gobies
5 blue chromis
2 midas blennies
1 banded firefish
5 peppermint shrimp
2 skunk cleaners
2 Porceline crabs
10 scarlet hermits
5 funnel turbos
5 nasarius
10 turbo/astrea
2 brittle stars
1 pink cucumber
2 cleaner clams
2 shaving brushes
150 pounds of live rock
2-3 inches live sand bed
couple multirocks
all things that neeed an established tank will go in when they can and I will cycle with a dead shrimp


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that is sounding good to me. Just make sure that you don't add them all at once. I have added about 1 fish a month. That is just because I like my fish to get used to the new tank mate, andd my tank to establish itself and get used to the new fish. In my large tank I would add 2 medium size fish at a time. Basically what my opint is, don't add all of that at once.
HTH, and good luck


Looks good but I would plan on lots more nassarious and turbo snails. I have close to 60 nass and 2 dozen large Mexican turbos in my 110 and the keep the sandbed and back wall pretty clean. Good Luck !


The fire fish will probably become lunch for the engineer gobies. They get quite large, up to 18 inches or more!


I have 1 in my tank and agree with humuhumu. They start at about 3" and within a month grow to about 5"! I think mines about 8-9" and I've only had it for 7 months or so. The white stripe begins to break apart and within a couple of months it's like having a totally different fish. If you buy one you won't see it much, I haven't seen mine in about 3 months now except every now and then I'll catch a glimspe at a small aprt of it in the rocks. VERY pretty fish (when you can see it) and for me it's kind of a substitute for an eel

EDIT: If you want to see a good picture of one go to search button and select photo forum and type in huge engineering goby as the title. It's an older thread so you mgiht have to do some searching but there's some real good picks of one.

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Just an opinion of course:
I would just have a single Tang in the tank.
Substitute 5 Neon Gobies for the two Engineer Gobies.
Brittle stars are fine, just no green ones.
I would substitute a Black Cucumber for the Pink one.
I would skip the dead shrimp, I believe the live rock will supply everything you need to cycle the tank.
Fish to ponder (you don't have a lot of bottom fish):
Clown Gobies
Shrimp Goby with a Pistol Shrimp
Blue Spotted Jawfish


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2 blut hippo's will kill each other.. need to have 6 or so, then they dont fight. If im wrong about that 6 or so then correct me someone.


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6 or os? That is slightly inaccurate. You can have as many as you want, as long as they have plenty of swimming room. Which means, if you want 2 blue hippos, then you should go and buy yerself a 300 gallon, so they can have their own territories. SIX? You;d need a tank in the range of 1000 gallons or more. No, just get one blue tang, and maybe another tang, like a yellow or a purple. Even that, though, is pushing yer limit. I persoanlly believe, as a member of the police, that it is safe fro you to have a blue hippo plus a yellow/ purple tang in yer tank. I think its fine. No 2 hippos though.


I also am a member of the tang police. but I saw two blue hippos work together in the same tank. I am chucking one blue hippo, the banned firefish, and the engineer gobies. I am still deciding what to fill it in with but I think I will take bang's advice and get a clow tang, dragonet is a may be. might get a clowfish but only if I decide to get a sebae anenome (sp) would a peach sebae anenome work? Forgot to mention all corals will be shrooms and zoos thank in advamce

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Originally posted by Firefish3
I also am a member of the tang police. but I saw two blue hippos work together in the same tank.

I saw a guy jump over Niagara Falls and walk out of the water below. That doesn't make it a good idea :)
Sebae are difficult. Once in a while one will survive long term but the vast majority croak in less than a year. Hobbiest propogated BTAs have proven to survive in a captive environment. It you can handle the difference I think that's a better direction.


I want something to clean my sandbed. thinking goby but not sure which one. any comments about which is the best for this job