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Ok, so I have a 55g Reef Tank with a few corals, inverts, and a Niger Triggerfish (Yes, I know they get large). I was wanting to get your input on just 1 Niger Triggerfish and 1 Cinnamon Clownfish in a 55g Reef. Would that be ok for fish? And then I would just stock it with Soft Corals, and maybe a few LPS. Trigger is about 6"-7" and is eating well and swimming around.


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A 7" Niger isn't already large? I have a 55gal I use for a QT for my equally large fish, but I wouldn't imagine using it for a prolonged period of time...


Yeah, I wouldn't put ANYTHING else in that tank until the Trigger is gone. Small tanks and aggressive fish is just asking for disaster....


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Ok, thanks guys. But, I mean I can't do anything now that he's in the tank.
Um, you can take him out, trade him in/sell him and get something more suitable for your tank.