Complete 55 Gal Reef For Sale - Nh, Usa


I am going to college and will no longer be able to keep my reef up and running, so I must sell it.
  • AquaController II (13 control modules, PH, ORP and TEMP probes)
  • High Performance Calcium Reactor (3 feet tall with 20 pound CO2 tank!!!)
  • 55 Gallon (48X12X15) All glass aquarium complete with a 2" overflow for maximum flow.
  • MAG-24 Return pump (Turns over the water ~24 times an hour!!!)
  • 930 watts of intense metal halide light!!!
  • 50 Gallon refugium lit with 175 watts of metal halide light (Chaetomorpha algae filled with critters from a dealers' thriving tanks)
    200 Pound deep sand bed (DSB)
    100 Pounds of premium Fiji Live rock
    AquaC EV-200 Protein skimmer (driven by a MAG-18!)
    Hermit crabs, starfish, bristle worms, copepods, amphipods, snails, emerald crabs -- Everything to keep the tank clean!
    Plentiful assorted corals (see pictures)
    Established for over 2 years!
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