Condo is being tented and treated for termites


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call your local LFS and ask them for best advice for this matter,i would hate to be the one that gives bad advice that could cost the lives of your fish.not having to have had this situation myself


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I used to work for a pest control company back in the day and we would tell people to cover the tank with plastic wrap with a fan blowing out and over the tank.
When we would tent a building for termites it meant bad chemicals being used and we would try to have occupant remove everything.
Find out who is company doing the work and talk to them and see what they tell you, a LFS has not one clue about Termiticides or other chemicals being used to treat for infestations, I.e. Timbor, Termidor Permethrin pro. They may even apply a dusting agent.


:happyfish I dont know where i read this but i heard that if for put a plastic cover over you tank and duct tape it to where its sealed and run an air line to an air pump with a couple of air stones into your water and i guess your skimmer and your gonna have to have your air pump outside an window of door without the airline clamped shut. i mean it seems that would work but it depends on how long they are spraying cause its only a matter of time before the bag fills up in the top so i dont know what to do there so i dunno what to tell you just tring to help


my house was tented a while back. i put plastic bags around the tank and sealed it off. also turned off my skimmer for a couple days to try and keep what was in the air from being used to filter my tank. everything made it but no light and no skimming for two days can be pretty risky.


i agree with shark.. the lfs is just goin to say put a cover over it. depending on how much u have in the tank and how hard to take down. ?????


100 gallon tank. with eel and 5 fish. Does anyone know if I need to move the fish out of the tank ????


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i agree with shark.. the lfs is just goin to say put a cover over it. depending on how much u have in the tank and how hard to take down. ?????
my LFS would just say leave the canopy off without covering anything. that way when my fish/coral/inverts die i have to buy more from them. lol i have a sucky LFS


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We just had to spray for fleas like 2 weeks ago, all tanks are doing fine!
Stupid Dog! I had to get that in!

I just went to kmart and got a plastic roll of that plastic type drop cloth for painting and wrapped the tanks. I kept everything off except the main return pump for 2 days and everything is fine!


Sorry to bring up and old thread, but I think this is gonna be a service to some people. People always ask what to do and some people recommend to put a cover on the tank, but no one actually replies back if they did it or not and what success they had.
Well my house got tented for termites. They used Vikane. I covered the tank with a plastic painters tarp from the local hardware store and taped it around the base of the tank.
Important factors to consider:
1) There was no oxygen line running from the outside as some people have suggested
2) Tarp on tank was NOT super air tight, but i did my best.
3) I did not see my tank for like 17hrs, which I uncovered it afterwards.
4) 72gal reef tank and I only lost one fish.
Please feel free to ask me any questions as I feel that a lot of people would appreciate this information.