Coral Branded Shrimp?

vinnie t.

I want to get a Coral Branded Shrimp because they are the coolest looking shrimp. My cousin has one and all it does is nip at fish with its claws. Will this cause the fish to die? Does it eat algea? Are they a bad idea?
I am personally not a fan of this shrimp. Those claws aint for nothing and if it can catch a fish, well, you get the idea.
If its "nipping" at fish this can cause stress which can lead to the immune system weakening making it easier for the dreaded ich to rear its ugly head. Have also seen these guys go after cleaner shrimp, peppermints, snails, all sorts.
IMO, not the safest shrimp to put into your tank. They are cool when they are little but more often then not turn into a headache.