Coral Feeding: Cyclop-eeze?????

Hey guys
I know I am way behind on this subject but I have never used Cyclop-eeze before.
I have a wide variety of brain corals (open and maze), acros, zoas and candy cane corals. I have always fed my LPS mysis and mysis has done an ok job but I have heard how so many people love Cyclop-eeze and that its like crack for fish and corals.
I think I am going to get some of this stuff and place it in my turkey baster and feed my corals with it.
Should I get the freeze dried or frozen kind for feeding my corals?
PS - please give me your experiences with this product and let me know your results. We all look for optimal growth and coloration and I hope to find what does it for my corals.


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I have a freezer bar of Cyclop-eeze. I feed the fish with it during the day and they go nuts over it.
Every so often I put a bit of it in during dark hours when LPS have their feeders out.
I find the frozen very convenient, it thaws quickly and a little bit goes a long way. This freezer bar of mine will last a looooong time....


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Spot feed after dark with freezer bar of Cyclop-eeze
Also try Nutramar Ova Prawn Eggs