coral noob questions


I am in the process of moving my 55g to a 125g. hopefully everything will be transferred tomorrow or tuesday. the whole reason for the upgrade is that i want a real bad reef. however, i still have some work to do until i am ready and comfortable with keeping many corals. i dont currently have any special lighting, just some florescent strips. right now, i just have a pair of false percs, some hermits, and an arrowhead crab. what can i add to my tank that will bring some color and life until i get all the equipment i need for other corals?


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You could get some mushrooms, and maybe some zoas. They would be Ok under florescent lights. How many florescent strips do you have? More than likely you should just save your money for new lights first.


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I'm with sickboy. Spend some money on nice lights and then you won't be limited as to what you can get.
For now you would probably be fine with a variety of softies, although they will survive in low lighting, they do honestly do better, grow faster and larger under higher lighting.