coral (or pest) ID help


I got this piece of live rock for more than a month and today I notice these things growing on it. The LR is directly under a MH lamp.
should I go ahead and remove them? they don't look that good.


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Pic is too blurry to be positive but it looks like it could be some type of tube worm AKA "feather duster" If so they are safe.


It's def. a type of macro algae. from what i can tell i think it is "scroll algae." Also looks like you have a lot of other algaes growing in there which can become a nuisance. I would reccomend checking your phosphate levels, and also checking to make sure the photoperiod isnt too long and/or you aren't getting a lot of indirect sunlight. Also consider adding a sufficient "cleaner crew", consisting of different inverts that will help consume that algae (ex. astrea snails, blue leg hermit crabs, etc etc.) hope that helps and good luck!


thanks for the advice I definitely think my photoperiod is too long.
8x39w (4x460nm 4x420nm) T5 on from 8am-11pm
3x150w MH on from 10:30am-6pm
a bit much right?
I also haven't check my PO4 level for awhile, guess I'll do it this weekend.