Coral skeletons in my nano....


I bought a Nano cube recently that came with a LR coral skeleton mix.
I don't like the dead coral and plan to get rid of it this afternoon, replacing it with new LR. I've noticed a lot of bristle worms and pods in the coral. Also 2 brittle stars. is there a way to get them off and save them while taking out the coral?
Also I wanted to take the bio-balls out, replacing them with a purigen sack. can this be done all at once or should it be done gradually? The tank will sit for a few more weeks when I add the new LR but I want to get my clowns and coral in there asap.
Is there anything I could use the dead coral skeletons for?
Thanks everyone!

bang guy

After adding your live rock place the dead coral back into the tank on top of the rock. A couple of weeks should make for a good sampling of the critters into the new rock.
I would remove the bioballs at the rate of 10% per day. Removing them all at once will upselt the bacteria balance IMO.