coraline problems


yes... well, there seems to be a problem with my coraline. my 20gallon tank is about 5 months old and the water quality is very good and balanced. about 1.5 months ago i had a lot of coraline growth, but recently, a lot of it died (about half). I have a 5lb polyp rock that seems to be doing great though.
Tank Stats:
20 gallon (standard 16"w x 18"h x 24"L)
Nitrates: ~0
Nitrites: 0
amm.: 0
calcium levels are fine too
RODI water
130 watt pc flouro
~40lbs live rock
40lbs live sand
I would rate the flow at "medium"
any ideas what could be wrong or what I could do to increase the coraline? (besides adding more light)
thanks! :D


Did you change anything in the tank? Anything at all, position of powerheads, lights moved up or down? Change in water chemistry?
Adding more light may not necessarily fix the problem either.


thats the thing, i havent changed anything. i just dont get it. my rockwork is looking more gray and white rather than pink. has this happened to anyone here?


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yeah i was just about to say that. i once had a drop in my alk which affected the ph i think and all the coraline on the walls bleached out


hmm... yes, maybe my pH is low. any fixes to raise pH levels safely? i do regular water changes... with rodi water and oceanic salt. thanks for your input :)


The Oceanic salt might be causing it. I have heard several ppl complain that Oceanic causes pH problems