Coralline Algae Question


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My tank is roughly 6 months old, and what I'm finding is that lately I'm really starting to see my coralline algae growth take off....but only on the plastic things in the tank. :mad:
Both of my returns in either corner are covered in various sized spots of purple coralline which is spreading more and more on a daily basis. My powerheads that are hidden in the rockwork are also starting to cover in coralline as well. My overflow box was beginning to have spots growing on it until I lost power and the tank drained below the coralline growth and caused it all to bleach. :mad: But that was my own stupid question is this...
Does coralline algae grow faster/better on plastic then it does on glass/rock? If so, why? (if the reason is known)


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Take a new toothbrush and brush the areas where the corraline is. That will spread the spores to other areas of your tank.