Corals or Frags: South Florida???


Does anyone have any corals or frags of corals that they are trying to get rid of???
:thinking: :thinking:


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You could always join the frag swap and get some corals. A couple people from Florida have already registered.


hey reefman....Oct 15th the FMAS is having a frag Idea how I am gonna do it with work...but I'll be there at some point! here is the link if you haven't heard of it...
Never been to a meeting but the frag swap sounds fun!


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i see you live in the cape... cool. im over in n. ft. myers. what kinda tank you got goin on over there(size)? what kinda fish? glad to see someone else from around here on this site. ive been on here for awhile now and have only run across a hand full of people from this area on here. talk to you later....and sorry for the hijacked thread