CPR Bak pak 2 question

phil l

New Member
Have a question about the Bak pak 2. Just set mine up..it came with the max-jet 1200. The pump is making a ton of noise and the unit is returning a large bubbles and microbubbles to the tank. Is this normal for the breakin period? Anything I can do to quiet this thing down and reduce the amount of bubbles that are returned?
I did lenghten the air hose from the 12" they give you to 3' as I had read this can quiet down the noise from the air being sucked by the venturi. Pump is just noisey as all get out.
Any suggestions?
Phil L


did it come with a valve to adjust the hose? mine didnt but i had one from something else. when its closed it is a lot quieter, make sure oyu have that foam piece in teh return hose. mine gives off microbubbles after a water change for a little bit but i hardly get any now. ive only had it a couple weeks