cpr's aquafugepro


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I don't know what they charge by you, but around here they are $350...for a 30 gallon tank a couple baffels and a mediocer skimmer...
For $50 you could build that tank and $300 would buy a heck of a skimmer...Either way you still have to buy the overflow and return pump...
If they were around $200 they "might" be worth it to some one that wanted "plug and play" or if they were not handy enough to squeeze a tube of silicone...
Don't get me wrong...it's not a "bad" design...it's just way overpriced...
Not like EuroReef expencive (you pay a lot, but you get a lot in return)...They just want too much cash for a plastic box...

salty cheese

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Here's what mine cost.
20 gal tall-25.00
mag 7 pump-55.00
generic over-flow-45.00
Euro-Reef ES5-2-230.00
IMO the DIY option would be the best way to go because you would be getting a top of the line skimmer for about the same amount of money.


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You can but the exact same one from ---- without the skimmer for only $100. (30L Pro Refugium)


My sump and fuge are made up of two ten gallon tanks. The fuge was drilled so that I could gravity feed it back to the return area of my sump. Here's a pic of the whole system.


...and here's the blueprints I drew up to help with the plumbing. It works out great. My only complaint is due to the small size of my return area, I have to top off twice a day. Bleh. HTH