crazy thing in my tank


so i turned my lights on for my aquapod and i sall this long worm like thing on the back wall. it was white about 3-4in long and was about the diameter of a sewing needle, it had no distinguishable features but it moved like a snake with its front end going back and forth and the rear being dragged.....anyone know what this is? sorry cant get a pick it disappeared.


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doubt it. i realize you probably have no idea where it is right now but if you see it again see if you can snap a pic. itll help you get an id.


ok thanks but it really does look exactly like i described it. anyone have an idea so i could search for some pics and narrow it down


Check out this thread posts 47 then 52, this might be it.
maybe its not.. i just realized it seems you could see the whole thing.
I added some new live rock to one of the DT from the sump that I got last week. When I was finished, I saw what seems to be the same type of worm.
It doesn't look anything like any sand sifting star appendage. It is about 5.5 inches long and can travel about a couple inches a minute. I doubt if it is as thick as a sewing needle. No distiquishable features.
At first I thought it was a piece of hair that had gotten covered in algea until I noticed it moving about on the glass....
very strange
any id would be appreciated :p