Curing dry rock

I recently purchase a nice piece of dry rock with what it looks like to be a coral Skelton on it, I want to cure the rock with the bleach method but I want the coral skeleton to stay attached to the rock. Will the bleach curing destroy the coral skeleton or Will it be fine?


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You don’t cure with bleach. The purpose of curing is to grow bacteria on the rock. You can clean the rock with bleach then cure it. As to whether the coral will stay attached if you bleach the rock, probably.


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There are a couple types of curing. Curing live rock would mean to let die off of sponges and other sensitive stuff occur outside of the tank. Curing dry rock or manufactured rock would be to let the PH stabilize. I think what you're asking is basically just cleaning the rock. Bleach is fine, just be sure to soak in a bucket of fresh water and prime dechlorinater for a day and allow to fully dry for 48 hours before putting it into your tank. Should be good to go.