Current USA orbit loop question.



I have a older orbit with ramp pro timer. So you can set the sunrise/sunset up to 30mins before and after. Then daylight/actinic come on. Then after sunset moonlight.
Now I added a new Orbit Loop light as well and the directions are horrible and don’t even explain how to setup sunrise/sunset. Problem is when you set the time for them it makes the daylights and moonlights run on the exact time frames no matter what I do.
Company emails me back and tells me there is no way to change the time setting for all four. Scratching my head... why does the old unit let you do all four light cycles on there own time frames?

Before anyone says get better lights I don’t need them as not growing hard core corals.
Thanks for any help!
Check out, they have controllable/non-controllable full spectrum LEDs for reasonable prices. I was looking at the Orbit for my 90 gallon and ended up getting a Lumentek PRO 240 instead. That would be overkill for your tank but they have the 120/180 models as well as dimmable and a few other Kodi nox types.
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