Cut on Puffer? (pics)

j0hn rambo

I just noticed tonight my Large Stars and Stripes Puffer has dark line about an inch in length.
This really sucks because I have a feeling it has something to do with the recent addition 2 weeks ago of a green bird wrasse. I had the puffer alone in the 125 for over 2 years and finally introduced another fish.
I have attached pictures.. it doesn't appear to be an open wound but the skin around the area is darker in color.
Tested water quality and no issues, nitrates around 50 ppm but it's an extremely large puffer that produces a great deal of waste.
I have noticed the puffer turns his head a little when the wrasse gets near and also closes his eye, however this seemed to improve after a few days. I have not seen either fight but I have noticed the wrasse coming closer to the puffer lately. The wrasse is around 5 inches in length, the puffer 13+.
I also did a 4 week QT with the wrasse. Please ask any questions as I'm very concerned for my Puffer, I'll check back on this thread a lot.
Thanks alot



its weird cos it really looks like a flat worm!
it's probs not one, but it looks like one, other than that i dont know.