Cyano Help!!!


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Everything was going great and then out of nowhere... Cyano everywhere!! Almost everything is covered in red slime! I have been picking it off coral daily, and skimming it off the sand on the bottom. I have also been:
-Doing 10% water changes every 2 days or so (RO water only)
-Using Phosguard
-Cut back on feeding
-Increased water flow
I don't have a protein skimmer yet, as we are upgrading to a bigger tank in a few weeks. All levels are in normal range (even nitrates and phosphates). PH is 8.3 and ALK is 5.03. Any suggestions!? What else can I do?! Thanks!!


Just add a dosing of Chemi-Clean for 48 hrs (follow instructions on box).
Make sure you cut off the overflow into your sump/skimmer/filter. It needs to sit in your tank for a couple of days and the slime will all disappear.