cycle done?

ive had mytank running for about 22 days with established LS and LR, but i didnt test it at all untill today. and theres no amonia, nitrates or nitrites. does this mean it happened or hasnt started yet?


test it for a couple more days to see if anything comes up, and if nothing comes up then you should be all set.


If the LR and LS were established already then you are done and can start slowly. When I went from my 90 to 120 I never saw any cycle and simply transfered the contents of my 90 which was full established to the 120 and added some additional established rock and was all set. No cycle no losses.


Sorry to jump in on this thread, but I thought it was relavent. I too had just completed my cycle, but last night I got some really nice lr for $3 a pound. I put in about 45lbs and there was already 47lbs of well est. lr and ls. Should I be OK?
Thanks guys!
For the live rock you bought it will depend if it was cured or not. You can usually tell by smelling the rock for and sulfer smell. If was cured you should be fine. If not you might want to wait. Also wait a few days after you add the rock and test you peramiters.


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justinwwwallin you can ghost feed the tank, tank some fish food and put it in like you are feeding the fish, and then wait a day and then test. If no ammonia or nitrites you are probably good to start a few snails and crabs if you want them.