Cycled, need live rock, cant afford


I have my 55 gallon tank cycled, I have sand with actuall live sand from another tank. It is time I started adding live rock, but I cannot afford to put the recemended mininum 30 pounds of live rock in at this time. I also do not have the propper lighting for live rock. So, what I am needing is info about what I can do to stave off the immediate need for live rock, wtihout killing the live stuff in the sand. can I get some type of animals (not fish) to put in the tank until I get the live rock and light? I would be very thankful for any info you all might throw my way.


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A couple of solutions:
1. get base rock and just add a few pieces of live rock and let it go under your current lights. I did this for a week and half before I got some higher wattage over my 5 gallon nano and the corralline algea doubled on the rock
2. Go to and look up the argo-crete I believe it is called - though from what I remember it takes a while for that homemade stuff to cure.
Also -when you add new LR you might kick-off a second mini-cycle so you will want to keep an eye on your parameters ....


Thanks for the welcome.
I neglected to mention that I do have about 25 pounds of base/lace rock. I was told by one of the local stores that I should not put any less than 30 pounds of LR in the tank to begin with, more if I could afford it (which i cannot at this time). I cannot afford the lighting right now either, it will be atleast another month before I can get the propper lighting I need (want) for my tank. So adding a few pounds of LR here and there would not upset the balance or anything?


It probably wouldn't upset it too much if it was cured and you brought it strait home from the lfs and put in your tank