cycling my tank

regal lady

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:help: so here's what I've got... Started my 30 gal with 5 gallons of the outrageously expensive "Ocean" water, crushed coral, sand, and 4 Damsels. What am I waiting for because the water chemical balance is not changing. The guy who sold me the damsels said that the ammonia level should spike, then I am to do a 25% water change and then I can add more fish. I have had my damsels for 2 months, with no spike. Suggestions anyone?


after 2 months, thing have probably already come and gone. starting with that water gave you a good bacterial boost which probably helped smooth things over.
does everyhting look healthy and happy?
have you asked your shop to verify your test results?

regal lady

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Hello, actually I put that post out some time ago and since then have been into my lfs and have removed my damsels and moved onto a rbta 2 clowns and a fantail tang? everyone is living harmoniously and beautifully. Only issue I am having now is my creeping rbta. he is presently wrapped up in plants but seems happy.... I wont be messing with him anymore... he stung me last night and it hurt. (I had a cut on my finger and one of his tenticles brushed it. ouch!!):eek: anyway thanks for the reply! chow!