Cynarina help!!


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Please help! We got this guy a few weeks ago and he was plump and juicy and then he just deflated... We've tried to spot feed him a couple of times and he has plumped up a bit but tonight he is closed and hard as a rock. We placed him under our powerhead to hopefully give him the lowest flow area as our lfs told us. At a loss as to wht is wrong, our chemicals have all been good and we have done 2 or 3 10% water changes. Is he dead or dying? Can we help him? Please help!

mr llimpid

You need to post your tanks pram's and what type of lighting do you have? How far was it from any other coral? How are all your other coral doing? Was it in low flow area? Just a thought I see a leather in your tank, some omit toxins into the water that will effect stony corals, water changes and running carbon will help. Do need to see your prams.