damsels and yellow tang


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We have 2 black and white striped damsels, a blue with yellow tail damsel, a fish that has a bright pink head with yellow body (not quite sure of official name), 2 peculala (spelling??) clown fish, and a mandarin goby. We have some hermit crabs, and a few emerald crabs, turbo snails and a couple brittle starfish.
Here's my question. I want to get a yellow tang. Will the damsels pick on it?


My freind has one black and white striped one and then he added the tang and it seems to leave it alone. That is the only expereince I have with the to. So I can not say that I am totally sure. I would think that they might but from expereince they might not also.


You might want to reconsider the damsels. Damsels are very cheap but one of the most hearty fish. They are primarily used for cycling tanks. Some people keep them in an 'aggressive' tank - and even then usually just 1. Damsels are VERY territorial - and will make an impact on other fish you might want to add later. Catching them can be a real challenge - but worth the fight - even if you have to remove/rearrange your rock. Would the yellow tang likely be ok? Yes, the yellow tangs are much bigger - and damsels don't 'usually' pick on them. Yellow tangs are also one of the more agressive tangs. But again, damsels are very aggressive. Your percula will never bother anyone - except other perculas (if you have more than 2). They are a great addition. Unless you want a more aggressive tang, I recommend sending the cheap damsels back to ur LFS for a credit - get the yellow tang - and look for other specimens for the added color. :) Good luck to you. :)


you do not have to get rid of your damsels unless they are extremely aggressive, i have a black neon, a blue fin, a blue devil and a black tailed three striped humbug in my 75 with two cardinals and they are not overly aggressive to them, just don't overstock and make sure you have lots of rockwork and everyone should get along fine, if you find you have an extremely aggressive fish then get rid of it, but at least give them a chance before you get rid of them
I had the exact problem. I had two striped Damsels, and inserted a yellow Tang, and they basically gangbanged it. I took one of them out and it was allright. Also I had the two Damsels together in my girlfriends tank for about a year, and it was a small tank. I love Damsels but I will no longer buy multiple ones inless I am cycling the tank.:mad: They are the Javk Russell Terriers of the Saltwater fish.