Dead Shark Egg?


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I got a shark egg two weeks ago. When I checked on it today, I realized that water could seep in and out of the egg. There were two holes on the egg. If I take it out of the water, water comes out. If I put it back in, it floats until water could get inside and makes it sink. Has the egg gone bad?


No the egg is fine.... I would not keep takeing it out for the water... move the egg to the glass and shine a flashlight on it.. does it move???


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u should able to see it with a lite, would be moving if still alive. whatelse is in the tank w it? hermit crabs maybe? they always seemed to eat things i didnt want them to touch, untill my eel ate them. justice served.


you most likely killed it when taking it out of water however many times you did. you should also be able to see something in the egg if fertile and there should be something resembling a shark most likely you will be able to see it move. if not definitely dead.


I thought mine was dead also because of the smell. But it was ok. I saw mine swimming around the tank and the egg was still in the breeding try on the side of the tank. I picked the egg up and it looked just like it did when I put it in there. I never knew it hatched untill I saw it swiming. I am not an expert by no means but maybe it already hatched and you just have not seen it yet. They can hide well being that small.


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ok this is my first post so I'm a newbie so to speak. I had this happen with my shark also. SOme questions ? I assume your talking about a Bamboo shark how Big is your tank and how much rock do you have. it might have hatchedalready and is hiding carefully move rocks to look . they are very good at hiding. Mine stopped moving the last two weeks before it hatched. BE PATIENT and watch the water perameters .give it a few more weeks.