Decorating My Tank


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I have a 100g tank with live rock, it is a FO tank and I was wondering if I could put red kelp or maiden hair? I dont have any type of special lighting. If I can't use these plants is there any other plants I could add that doesnt require special lighting. Welcome all suggestions.
thanks in advance :happyfish


Im also curious about this. My tank looks very plain because i dont have strong lighting, i would like to get some plants if they dont require much lighting. A list of low light corals would be sweet too! thanks


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Marine Plants Need Intense Lighting So If You Just Have Regular No Lights Then They Will Just Die


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Originally Posted by fedukeford
low light corals= softies like zoos, leathers, mushrooms, polyps, star polyps
than you for are you saying that the regular light that comes with my hood is okay for these light corals you have listed?
Again Thanks in advance