Devil's Hand Help


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You guys think that something's wrong with this Devil's Hand Leather? I picked it up from an LFS yesterday, and it has shrunk and expanded, but never let out any polyps. Is something wrong or should I just wait it out?
Note: It was this color when I picked it up.


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well it takes time for him to get settled in you tank i got a colt today and it took a little bit to start to open up. also where do u have it placed? and what do you have for lighting?


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I have it placed in med. flow and low/med light. Running 400w MH XM 20K bulbs. I have a toadstool in the same tank, and it's thriving.


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I would not worry at this point. What is your lighting? Make sure that there is some indirect current around the coral and that it is not near other aggressor corals.


kd, I also recently added a devils hand. The polyps were extended when i purchased it. They extended 48 hrs later and now have not extended the polpys for 48hrs. My color is sim to yours. We are in the same boat. Maybe sheding or something. I'm going to be patient. My .02.


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Cool, I'll stick with it....
My lighting is 400w MH w/ 110w 50/50 PC. The Devil's Hand is kept in a low/med light area with good flow.


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I am weeks in and still waiting for my devils hand to fully open. It will expand and shrink as well, has just completed a shed and looks as though it may fully open any minute now. Compared to my toadstool this thing is taking quite some time to settle in. Nice to see this may be somewhat normal behavior.


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I Have One Also. To Me That Devils Hand Looks Fine. Mine Shrinks Up And Turns Greyish Like That All The Time. But When He Opens Up Hes Like 3 Times The Size And Is Ool As H*ll!!


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It's now 2 weeks and I too have the same problem. Has a yellow & grey discoloration but not shedding. Reloctaed to the center of the tank. It expands & contracts but won't open.
I guess they're fussy. Curious to see what happens. Please post your outcome!


I've had my devil's hand for about 5 months now and it took about 2 months for it to get fully adjusted to tank. It would expand a little then retract so I would try to move it and it would do the same thing. I did that for about a month and finally put it back in it's original spot and it eventually it opened up and it seems like it gets bigger every day now. Here's a couple of pics first is how it looked for first month or so and second is how it looked after about 2 months. It is about the size of a golf ball sometimes at night but opens to the size of a softball during the day.


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My devil's hand goes into its "mood" every now an then too. As as a matter of fact, the week before last, he didn't expand at all for a whole week. I was just thinking of perhaps giving up on him, but I thought I would just give it time. Since then, not only has he opened up and stretched, but he's also twice the size he was when I bought him. Strange little creatures, but my clowns LOVE him, so I'm really glad he's okay.
Lisa :happyfish