Diamond Goby cleaned my sand good.

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I bought a Diamond Goby about 2 weeks ago. It was fantastic for cleaning my sand.,,,but now I can't find my olive snail that lived under the sand, and no sign of pep shrimp last few days. Is it possible that the goby could have disturbed the snail so much that it died? As for the shrimp, can't blame the goby, probably the serpent star or maybe the lta. (When my other shrimp disappeared, I found some shell just outsid of lta's mouth. So don't know, but blamed it on her...
What are some ideas on this ..??
Thanks for the help.

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Pep shrimp showed up today. Wonder why he has been hiding?
No one has ideas on he goby messing with the olive snail?


I have a sand sifting goby...sifts sand, digs under everything, I've never seen it go near the inverts though.

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Thanks Meowzer, just wondering. I am sad that I have not seen Steve, my olive snail. He is about an inch long. He use to come up sometimes when I feed. Have not seen him lately though. Not even his antennae seen above the sand.


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I sometimes go months before seeing my olive snail. Last time I saw him was 4 weeks ago when I pulled all the LR and coral out to put my fish in QT. I hadn't seen it since last July or August. If you have alot of LR, you might not see it for months, also.