DIY Canopy to match AGA stand


Here is my recently completed canopy as of 12/20/02. I needed to mimic the AGA stand design. This was made out of 1/2" plywood with a 3/4" pine ply top. The doors were made out of 1/4" ply with 3/4" pine stock. I have a open back with a brace at the top for the hinges to mount to. A 4" 110v fan mounted on the left side. The dimesions are for a 36"x12" tank with a overall height of 13.5". Installed is a reflector with (2) 96w actinics and (1) 175 mh 10k which has the bulb 8" of water. The entire frame is made out of 3/4" pine stock, ******** painted rustoleum white and exterior rustoleum black.


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Turned out very nice! Wish I had thought of that front door cabinet concept. Easier to use to feed feed fish than raising the whole thing. I made my canopy as well to match my AGA. Didn't turn out as nice as yours though.