DIY Stand this weekend


I'm starting my custom stand for my 58 gal this weekend. I'm planning on using 2x4's for the frame and skin it with 1/4". Since this is a glass aquarium, is there any need for a plywood on the top? With a 36" span is there really a need for vertical supports in the middle? It sure would be nice to have all that open space:)
I don't want to underbuild, but I don't want to overbuild either. The current Oceanic stand I can pick up and carry with one hand. There's not much to it at all.
Any helpfull hints would be appreciated. Thanks!

mr . salty

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Being only three feet long,,and framing it with 2x4's,,,you shouldn't need a center brace at all.
And a top is prolly not needed as well.But a piece of acustic/insulation foam cut to fit would be a good idea.
And think about waterproofing the inside of the stand.I did this with mine,and more than a couple of times it has saved my floor from flooding,as the stand will hold about 55gallons of water when a malfunction in the system occurs.


I had to build my stand to hold a 120 gallon tank.
Here are some photos.
Let me know if you have any questions. I found the popular stand plans online had some major flaws, so I designed my own stand.
The photo's do not show, but I also installed (3) top cross support beams. These were made just using 2x4's however are sitting in joist hangers. The go across the center, across the top. These add more support UNDER the tank. The end 2x4's are attached via deck screws (all weather), however also underneath I used small "L" brackets as well. So the end 2x4's are very strong.
I used a 3/4" plywood sheet under the tank as well. This distributes the weight across all support.
You can attach 1/4" plywood as a skin and add doors, etc.. You can also then attach barn wood or whatever you like to the skin.
I am not sure you can "overbuild" the stand. Better safe than sorry. IMO.
Here are some photos:
Let me know if you need any help or have any questions.