Do I need an RO DI system?


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Hi, I’ve kept freshwater fish for many years and I’m interested in starting a saltwater tank. I have a new 29 gallon would that be a good size to start off with? I’m mainly interested in keeping clownfish, a cuc, and a goby. Also what are your thoughts on an RO DI system? Do I need one? I have well water.


Staff member
Yes you need RODI especially with well water. Your own system is easiest long term but you can buy the water too. A 29 will work for what you listed but no more. You will want more. I’d recommend a 75 - 90 for a first tank. If space doesn’t allow that I’d look at the 40 gallon breeder. It isn’t much bigger than the 29 as far as gallons but has better dimensions. It is not as tall and has a bigger footprint. Maintenance is easier and you can do more wit aquascaping and gave a couple more small fish.