Do You Like Rap?


I like all kinds of music, rap included, i'm not a big fan of today's rap, some of it's ok but I'm more into a lil older stuff. Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Wu Tang Clan, DMX, Snoop, Dre, etc.....


I hate it. Don't see how anyone can even listen to it. I'm sure some of it might be good but I haven't heard it. I guess I'm just getting too old.


Rap is horrible it's not even music it's just like screaming into a mic it's useless argh i hate that so much.


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I love some fear factory, slipknot, pantera, nin, lords of acid, kmfdm, and some others... too tired to typr


I like about 1%, the other stuff is just vulgar, sexist, gangsta crap that is slowly going away!
5-10 years ago, 90% of my students listened to rap. Now, (thank God) most listen to classic rock. :happy: i.e. Van Halen AC/DC. I'm from the 80s metal generation and it's funny how most of my students now listen to Motley Crue, Ozzy, Van Halen, Guns N Roses, etc. Granted some of the lyrics from Ozzy & Motley aren't for the faint of heart, but it's not nearly as bad as rap crap talkin about ho's, murder, gangs, drugs, etc.


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i like rap... but not like no-a-day rap.. it sucks.. bring back the og stuff.. B.I.G 2 pac and all the old stuff... the rappers that can flow and bust out the real rhymes..not like now-a-days.. when the repeat the same word at the end of every sentence thinking it's a rhyme.... but im really a music entusiest (pardon the spelling
) i listen to just about everything from rap to country.... clasical to trance.... just love music... i listen to all but dont get me wronge.. i dont like every song out there... music is my thing .. im trying to learn to play the guitar (i suck at it but i like it) and i been soinning trance,progressive,house,goa,vocal for over 8 years now....


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Rap is Crap.. new rap at least, is horrible.. I can stand to listen to some of the old school kinda stuff (some being the keyword).. but any of these new rappers are just SO HORRIBLE.
Lets play some Mudvayne and some Slipknot@once.


Rap is taking the world over. Who doesn't like Jay Z, or Nas? You all must have been born in the 60 or earlier. No Offense if you're out there mom.


I don't really like rap(and im 17) I like Club mix or electronica(not sure what it's called), Paul Van dyk and DJ Tiesto are one of my favorite ones.
I also don't really like todays rap, I hate alomst every rapper haha. One of the ones I like is Bone Thigs N Harmony, Oh and that new rapper "Chingo Bling" is pretty funny


I hate rap now.. it's all about the same thing. Tupac was the best IMO.


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yeah i agree !! tupac was the best.. biggy is runner up tho i think.. yeah... afther spinning for over 8 years.. u kinda know a little more about good and bad dj's...
pvd and tiesto have great cd's....
i have not personaly seen either dj live but my dj buddies have and they say tiesto suck.. he was duble bassing and all that bad stuff..
but i have seen Sasha and digweed,nu-n-r-g, armin van bueran,ferry corston.... and a few more.. they are great dj's!!!! awsome concerts/raves!!!!!