Does a coral banded shrimp need to be quarantined?



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I think I am going to get a coral banded shrimp to eat my bristle worms. I have way too many in there. I didn't think they were that bad but I had to scoop out 2 cups of gravel from my main tank and put it in the 10 gallon where the mandarin is being kept. The reason why I have to put gravel in there is because of these amphipods I am getting out of the bay. See:
They tend to stay at the surface of the water. The poor little guy just looks at them up there. They actually crawl up the glass out of the water and stay there about an inch from the surface. So the guy at the LFS told me to put a thin layer of gravel and maybe they will stay in that. But, I didn't want to just put the gravel in without going through it first. I cannot believe how many bristle worms I pulled out of there. Just 2 cups and I have maybe 100 of these worms. I know they come from over feeding but I want to get a good population of pods. There were a lot of pods in that gravel, too.
So, since the clownfish have stopped laying eggs. Which is probably because the yellow tang is always hanging around them. I think he is lonely. I may as well get a CBS. Just wondering if I can just put him in the main tank. Also, do they eat pods too? If they do then I guess I will just have to use that worm trap instead.
I already seen the new fish I will be putting in the tank. It will be a Midas Blenny and a Starry Blenny. I also want to get a Flame angel or a Coral Beauty. But, they will go in the 10 gallon first for QT. Hopefully, the mandarin will be back in the main tank soon.


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Shrimp don't need to be quarantined - they don't carry any fish diseases but please make sure you acclimate the little guy - oh, and you should buy a a couple of them.


I thought you could only keep one per tank because they fight. I acclimate all living things :)


you can only keep one cbs unless they are a mated pair. They will fight and kill each other. Also you cannot keep one regular cbs and one golden cbs they will also fight.