Does Los Angeles water contain Chloramine?

I'm about to buy a RO/DI system and I just came across a site that has an RO/DI +chloramine filter. The description is kind of leading me to believe that large municipal water supply districts add chloramine to the public water.
I want to make sure i get the right unit from the start.

florida joe

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Check out this site if you have not already
as I am sure you know Chloramine is a mixture of chlorine and ammonia, which is added to the water of many cities as a substitute for free chlorine.
So you would have to go under the assumption that your water supply has cloramine in it. As far as the RO unit just see if its cost efficient to go that route with the stage to remove chloramines or just add a product like Aqua plus to your salt water change mix


I guess where I live they are using it. I tested my faucet water to see the numbers and I am getting 1.0-2.0 ppm in ammonia. I am not sure but does a normal 4 or 5 stage r/o d/i filter remove all the ammonia??? I had posted a thread on how a LFS was selling water with ammonia. They had said they changed the filters recently. Then again when I complained. Checked there water still had ammonia.


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I have a 6 stage filter and it removes all ammonia, chlorine and chloramines according to the tests that I use. What size tank do you have and how much topoff water do you need each day? You can get an somewhat inexpensive RO/DI system and test the water yourself. You should also save $ over buying LFS water in the long run.