Does Or Has Anyone Ever Had A Firefish, Helfrichi


I love the firefish and I think the color on these are great, plus there kind of different and you don't see them everyday but I am afraid there is a reason for this.
It list this discription.
It requires a 30 gallon or larger aquarium with plenty of loose coral rubble as part of the aquascape, and a tight-fitting lid to prevent it from jumping out of the tank. It will rarely become aggressive towards other fish,but is territorial and will fight with its own kind unless they are a mated pair.
Does this mean this kind right here or anykind such as my Firefish?


These are on sale from 189.00 to 99.00. I don't mind paying a little more to have something that is not in every tank you see.
I just like to be different.
I just was looking to see if anyone else had one and if it would attack my Firefish? If so I would almost think about giving him up for one of these.


I think those are the coolest looking fish! I've thought about putting one of them in my tank several times.


my stupid chromis killed my firefish. it was a yellow citron. therfore the 3$ chromis ended up in my pirahna tank because he killed a 35$ firefish. Eye for an eye in my world.


i wouldn't chance putting a $200 dollar fish that may fight with another of its kind. if you want one lose the other firefish. it's a real bummer when a cheap fish kills one you paid big money for.


I was actually thinking of ordering one of these also. You get free shipping if the order is over 175 and that is a good jump toward that.
I always liked this fish it was just so expensive.
The only thing that I am worried about is it jumping out.
I have an eggcrate on top of my tank, do you think that will prevent it jumping out?
The sale ends on the 10th so I have to make up my mind quick.

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This is just IMHO, but punishing a fish for doing what comes naturally seems unnecessary. If one of our fish kills another, it's really OUR fault for putting them in such close proximity with no way to escape.


I believe I am going to order it because the sale ends after today. I guess 99.99 from 189.00 isen't to bad with free shipping.
I will give my Firefish to a friend of mine since his died about two weeks ago.
Thanks for all the input.
I'll post pictures later after the Qt period


About 6 months ago I bought TWO of the Helfrichs Firefish that were on sale for $100 a piece from Jeff's Exotic Fish. I put them in my 80 gallon reef tank with two false perc, a lawnmower blenny, a barnacle blenny and a mandarin. Although they got along well with the other inhabitants, I think they had a parasitic infection because I lost one after a week and the other shortly after. What a bummer! $200 down the toilet. And to be honest, they are not THAT much cooler than the Purple or red that sell for $12. Not to mention can U put a price on how much you'll worry that something will happen to them?
Not too mention, they are a deep water fish which is why they are so expensive and really don't belong in a brightly lit tank.

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Originally posted by PuffyGrrl
Not too mention, they are a deep water fish which is why they are so expensive and really don't belong in a brightly lit tank.

very god point puffy, natural environment is the most important thing in a fish's life:yes:


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I think they would fight with other types of firefish.
And yes, they will jump though eggcrate and on to the floor. My clown fish killed my firefish this way.


I have a fire fish and it has never tried to jump out but my tank is pretty much covered right up fo my diamond goby (had one jump out and die before) i only have one ,i was told by 2 stores aswell as just about everyone on here that only one or they will fight to kill