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hi I have a St. Bernard and a mastiff and you can imagine how gross there water dish gets after each time they drink...I’m just trying to think of a way so I don’t have to rinse it out and fill it 20 times a day...not only is it a pain in the butt...but also a waste of a lot of water...not that I fill the bowl to the top each time but still there’s probably 5 gallons a day dumped is there any clever tricks anyone might know to stop this? I know there are tge fountain bowls that constantly circulate the water but honestly that’s not doing much but mixing in the slobber and making it appear I’m sure the simple answer and most obvious answer have 2 giant slobbery dogs and that’s just the way it has to be...but anyways I’m hoping there is a cool trick out there that somebody clever designed lol...thanks


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Gravity fed water may help. Honestly tho your probably doing it the best way lol. Dogs are messy, believe me i know i have 7


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i need something like they have in campers...a little trap door on the bottom of the toilet bowl that way you can just push down to open the trap door the old water goes out then you have a small spray hose there to rinse out the dish while the trap door is open then shut the flap and its gravity fed full of water again! how hard is that sheesh do i have to invent everything! lol


Oh, I totally understand that part where you have to change the water bowl for the dog because they're so clumsy...Oh my God! I believe there is nothing more unpleasant and painful than the constant change of bowls of water. This should be done regularly to avoid dehydration in the pet. Try a rodent-like drinking bowl. It really helped me. In general, all the questions related to dogs, I was helped to solve Before I got a dog, I always had cats, so I didn't know anything about dog care before
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