drilling holes

Just picked up a nice 39 gal octagon tank the other day and want to know if there is a way to drill holes in the bottom to connect sump for it. It is a glass tank, I was wondering if the tempered glass will shater when being cut.
thats what i thought also but i keep reading about people drilling thier tanks on this forum all the time, just wondering if there is a trick to it or what.


I answered the other thread you replied in, but -
You can drill any glass that isn't tempered. I used a kit from http://www.glass-holes.com as well as thier sump kit. Great customer service and great product.
I drilled my 125 for two drains and two returns...


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I'll also give a plug for glass-holes.com...great products at excellent prices. The owner personally responds quickly to emails and is available by phone.
I used their hole-saws to drill 6 holes in 1/2" plate glass this weekend in my 115g. I have no fear drilling glass anymore and their tutorial video shows just how easy it really can be.