Drilling LR


There used to be some threads on here re: drilling LR, I think by Mr. X. Does anyone have any pics or procedures to do this? There are a few detalis I can't remember
! Or any links to said subject? Aquascaping my 24G and want sturdiness this time; and height!


i remember reading that thread but i am sure it is buried pretty deep! but there really isnt to much to it. drilling live rock would be just like drilling a hole in concrete. and i believe he used clear acrylic rods to run through the rocks.
i am not sure though is if you used like plastic coat hangers if there is anything in the plastic that would leach out or if it would hurt the tank in any ways!! you just do not want to put any metel rods in the tank. that i know for sure!
another thing you can do is use JB WATERWELD, i use this for placing frags on the live rock. no ill effects! the protien skimmer does work a little harder for acouple days but like i said i have had no ill effects on the corals,fish,or invertabrits.
Hope this helps and if you have anymore questions feel free to ask!


How does one go about finding archived files? That thread contained some how-to pics and would really like to find it. You only get one shot at something like this; especially with the price of LR!


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if you use the search button and put in drilling live rock I found several threads, but non had pictures. Just instructions to use a masonry bit and acrylic rods. You would just have to stack it and know where you want them to connect.
I did a lot of drilling into my live rock because i built a big rock wall, using eggcrate, lockties and live rock.
I had the most luck with a dremel. The pieces of rock were small, but the dremmel really did a good job.