Duct tape in the water column. Yes or No.


The retaining ring in my canister filter that holds the impeller in place routinely comes lose every few days and causes a lot of noise and some bad vibrations. I have to dismantle the filter to tighten the retaining ring each time to get things going again. I can't afford to replace the filter at this time. But a good piece of duct tape would take care of the problem. Would duct tape cause problems with the inhabitants of my reef tank? If so, is there any other type of tape (or something else) that might work?
Thanks in advance.


is it something that can be epoxied? we use epoxy and super glue in our tanks all the time with no issues....


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I would imagine that chemicals from the adhesive could leach into the water so I don't think I'd recommend it. Can you find and just order a new retainer ring or is the whole socket basically worn out?