Dwarf Eel Experience?


My LFS has 2 Golden Dwarf Eel for $150 each. I was curious if any of you had experience with one. I currently have 2 Firefish Goby's, 2 False Perc Clowns, 1 Cleaner Shrimp, Xenia Pom Pom. I have a 110 gal tank.
Should i pick one up?
The only other fish I plan on getting later on is
Magnificent Foxface
Purple Tang
Blue Jaw Trigger (maybe)
Your feedback will be very helpful!


That's a great price for a dwarf. The firefish would but eaten, when it happens depends on the size of the eel. Remember that dwarfs have slender bodies and can escape through most egg crate, netting would make a better top if you get one.


Hmmm... I don't want my firefish to be eaten haha. or do i for a golden dwarf eel.
Would my Cleaner Shrimp probably be eaten as well?
I might get some anthias as well. Still deciding. But I am currently waiting for a Mag Foxface to come in, but then I saw the Dwarf Eel, and was curious about care.