dwarf seahorse help

hi im kinda new here at saltwaterfish.com and i have a question, I cant get my dwarf seahorses to breed, got them in a ten gallon tank inside of a smaller encloser used for holding injured fish to maximze the anout of bbs i have 2 males and 1 female with 2 dwarf pipes ive have them for about a month now and from the books i read it said they should have started to breed by now i check my parimeters and my salt is at 1.021 and the other levels are at 0. they have cheto in theyre tank and theree is filtration, do u think u can help me???! I have the lighting on for 12 hours a day because it said that this stimulates the time of year when they start breeding, the temp is kept around 72 degrees F, I feed them newly hatched bbs 2 times a day that i hatch


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pictures of your setup might help. you may have them too confined and stressed to breed. How old are they??
In stead of trying to keep them in a breeder, why not use a tank divider to keep them at one end. on the other side put your powerheads and cheato.
They may not have enough room to dance.
you can use a light at the side of the tank to attract the bbs in one area for feeding.
Also your SG is a little low. slowly raise it to 1.024 to 1.025
you could diy this with a couple of suction cups and stick to the side of the tank---they come in white
I would raise the temp. a little....I keep mine at around 76-78 year round....If these are wild caught horse they probably won't breed for you till around mid march or april....but when they do ,look out....my 1 male had 32 !!!! Second or third generation are more likely to breed year round than ocean caught, but that being said I have only 1 male pregnant now,and I'll bet it's a small brood.
here is one lst pic of them there is actually 3 but you can only see the 2 in these photos
the white one is the female and the brown ones are the males
to your suggestion clevseahorses i cant really raise the temp that much cause its an preset heater
and ya they are wild caught ones so that might be the reason why, all i heard was that if you leave the lights on for more than 12 hours itll stimulate the time of year when they breed but what you said sounds more resonable, i mean wat if they already bred this year and know that the season is over
no worries , don't know how they know spring is here , but they do....and you'll have babies galore...every 2/3 weeks...just you wait...lol...dwarfs are very prolific, and you'll love it !!
ya my origional idea was to add some more caulerpa in the main tank and have them evtually released in there. i got a question, can you freshwater dip marine plants when you first get them to kil all the little critters such as hydroids, or will that kill the plant, if so is there and easier , maybe free,way to kill the hydroids off plants


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Sea horses usually need to be kept at lower temp because they are very prone to bacterial infections in captivity.