dying coral


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Hey there, I am new to the coral world. I had a 75 gallon fish and inverts only for 15 years and had to take it down due to an unexpected remodel. I got the fluval 13.5 evo to try a nano reef. I have had it up and running since May. All of my levels are fine, I do a 3 gallon water change every other week and the salinity is good, but in a matter of 3 days I lost my hammer and bubble coral. The only thing that I am thinking is, I didn't know you were not suppose to run your protein skimmer all the time. Did I starve them? Will they wipe out my tank if I leave them in there? Thank you!



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I run my protein skimmer all the time. Your tank is pretty new for coral. Do you have any fish in the tank? You kind of need a fish like a small goby or fire fish. Their waste feeds the coral.
Your hammer is not dead yet. The bubble I don't know. Bubbles are hard to keep. You may be having some chemical warfare going on. Bubbles are kind of aggressive. A 13.5 gallon may be too small to keep the chemicals dilute. You could try some carbon filtration to remove any chemicals from the corals.
If it were me I'd take the bubble out and see what happens with the hammer.


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Thank you, I have a blue damsel and a clown in there. I have the stock filter that came with the tank that has carbon in there. Thanks for the advice