Eating "Low-Carb"


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Anybody out there doing Atkins or other low-carb? My husband has a friend at work who swears by it. So we decided to try it. It's been a week. He loves it. I hate it. I am a sugar addict. I am so sick of meat, cheese, eggs and veggies it's not funny.
Please point me to the nearest DunkinDonuts. :D


A lot of people in my family do it and they all like it. I am so sick of hearing my parents and grand-parents blabber about diets :mad:
I guess I will feel differently when I get older. Still, there is only so much you can talk about when it comes to diets!!!


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I tried Atkins for a month... I hated it AND it made me sick.
From what I understand, Atkins works great if you stick to it... but you have to stay on it for the rest of your life because as soon as you quit, you gain the weight back.


Can anyone guess how Mr.Atkins died?....Take a wild guess! (Not that I really know) He starved to death!:scared:


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LOL.....Dr. Atkins actually died from complications to a fall !!
Go figure.
A friend of ours is on it and has been for about 8months. Has lost about 45 lbs and looks great. He is actually now learning how to maintain. He also loves the Mich Ultra that he can drink on the weekends.


Atkins is no different than any other diet out there. Once people lose weight and get off the diet they gain weight back. If you want to get fit the only way is with a lifestyle change. I tried the atkins diet once and I got so sick of it after awhile. I have changed my eating so that I try to always eat a meal that contains 30% fat, 30% protien and 40% carbs. I eat the heathy fats and only eat the High GI carbs. If I eat a meal with this composition I'm less hungry. If I eat a high carb meal, I never get full. That said, I do change my diet before long running races as I need the greater energy stores.
It has taken me many years of trying to control my weight to learn how my body reacts to food. In the end thats the only way to do it. I used to record everything I ate and how I felt. Its a pain but it works. Just remeber in equals energy out.


You know studies show that the reason why people on the Atkins diet lose so much weight is from all the exercise they get from constantly blabbing to everyone about how great the Atkins diet is....

By the way - lost 40 lbs myself. Took 2 months off for the holidays ate TONS of carbs - overate like CRAZY - gained 15 back. 1 week back on the diet now - lost 4 lbs. Give me another 2 weeks and I'll be back where I started.... Was it worth it? Ask Mr. digested applepie if it was worth it....


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Thanks for bumping the old thread Rye!
Lots of interesting veiws on this subject. We really didn't start this specifically to lose weight... don't really need to...don't even own a scale.
There just seems to be alot of people jumping on the bandwagon. Take a walk through the grocery store and look at all the new "low-carb" food. Restaurants and fast-food places are introducing their Atkins-friendly menus.
I can understand the arguement behind cutting refined sugar. However, I am not sold on avoiding fruit and grains.
Personally, I would rather eat what I want and run harder, faster, longer.