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Anyone have experiEnce with this product. Looks interesting, easy to install, and, affordable
I've heard they're great, but usually I just hear that it's a scam.
I don't understand what they are supposed to do, but after trying to research it, I don't understand how they do what they claim to do.
I think it's a scam. I understand how everything else in this hobby works...


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Here's page 3 of an old thread on this. I'm thick-skinned and am ready to take another public stoning if it comes. I have no idea how these work, or even exactly what they do. However, I'll never have another tank without one. I still never have really heard of anyone who tried this thing and didn't like it; but heard from lots of folks who know why it can't work. Since this last thread; I've talked to at least a dozen tank maintenance folks who use them and they all love it; I also know they are an established, legit company. I had one small one when this old thread died, now have them on all my tanks. They have a 6 month guarantee (I think they even refund postage); so you sure don't have anything to lose by trying one. BTW: I don't pretend that every claim they make is 100% true; only that I know they do what I've mentioned in previous threads. I now have removed one skimmer and have 3 more that doesn't do much; until the Eco has been off for a while. I'll be removing them also.


well on your testimonial i am going to try it on my daughters 29 gallon bio-cube that i have been fighting a algae problem since setting it up . and also on my 75 gallon which has been rock steady on water quality and semi good clarity since the set up


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You can try it, but don't expect it to do miracles.
IMO it's a plecebo for aquariums. As long as nothing is dying and you're using this thing it must be working... All it is is a PVC tube with magnets taped to the inside.